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    Can I get free or low cost birth control?

    Most health insurance (including Medicaid) plans are required by law to cover birth control at no additional cost to you.

    If you’re still paying out-of-pocket for your birth control, "Cover Her" can help: website, email, hotline: 1-866-745-5487.

    If you are uninsured, you may qualify for free birth control through the Title X Program, offered at anumber of health centers, including Planned Parenthood, Westside Family Health, and La Red Health Center. Please come to your visit prepared to show proof of income (recent pay stub) to ensure eligibility.

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    How do I know if my health insurance covers birth control?

    You should contact your health insurance provider or doctor’s office to learn more. The National Women’s Law Center’s “Cover Her” program can help answer any additional questions about your rights to access free or low cost birth control.

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    What if I am uninsured/have a lapse in coverage/need confidential services?

    Birth control can be accessed at low or no cost at Planned Parenthood and Federally Qualified Health Centers such as Westside Family Health (New Castle County, Kent County) and La Red Health Center (Sussex County). Please come to your visit prepared to show proof of income (recent pay stub) to ensure eligibility.

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    Will you keep my information private?

    Only your health care provider has access to your medical records.

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    How will I know which birth control option is right for me?

    At your birth control visit, a medical professional will review all of the birth control options available to you so that you can make the right choice for your personal needs and lifestyle.

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    How long will the birth control visit take?

    You can expect to be at the provider’s office for about an hour, and arriving at least 10 minutes prior to your appointment is recommended. If you need more information about your specific health center, call your provider.

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    What if I have not had a gynecological examination in some time?

    A gynecological exam is not required to receive birth control care. Even if you have not had a gynecological examination recently, you will still be able to receive same-day birth control.

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    What if I have had OB-GYN or women’s health-related issues in the past?

    When you contact any of the health centers listed at, inform them about your past health history. That way, the center will be able to make special considerations for your care.

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    Will all birth control options also protect me from sexually transmitted diseases?

    The only method that prevents sexually transmitted infections (STIs) is the condom. Ask your health care provider for more information at your visit.

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    Will I still be able to get pregnant later on?

    All birth control options are temporary, with the exception of permanent sterilization, which is not part of the Be Your Own Baby program. Some contraceptive methods last longer than others. Many methods, including the most effective forms, have an immediate return to baseline fertility once you stop taking them. Your provider can answer all of your specific questions during your appointment.

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    Where can I get more information about different types of birth control?

    In addition to asking your health care provider, you can learn more about birth control and sexual health at

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    What organization is behind this program?

    Be Your Own Baby is a privately funded project by Upstream USA, a nonprofit organization changing health care in Delaware by ensuring that all women have convenient access to the full range of contraceptive methods as part of Delaware Contraceptive Access Now (CAN). To learn more, visit

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    What should I do if I received an IUD or an Implant (Nexplanon) for free through Be Your Own Baby and I would like to have it removed after the campaign ends on September 30th, 2018?

    Any healthcare provider listed on Be Your Own Baby can schedule an appointment for removal. If you received your IUD or Implant at a Be Your Own Baby partner healthcare center and you receive a bill for the removal of the device Be Your Own Baby will reimburse you for any out-of-pocket costs related to your removal. Reimbursements for removals are available through the life of the device. Email us at for further assistance.

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